Going online as an art therapist

Since Covid I have been working entirely online. One of the things I was most concerned about was ensuring clients had a wide range of good quality art materials for their therapy session.

Some people do have access to art materials that they can use but this can be difficult if they don’t have enough. Having a separate art kit means the materials can be used solely for therapeutic work. Art making in art therapy can bring up a lot of emotions and memories. I wanted my clients to be able to put away their art making and art materials, to contain any potentially difficult experiences explored in the sessions.

To meet my clients needs I have put together an art therapy pack for our online sessions.

The pack has enough materials for 12-20 sessions. It has proved to be very popular with my clients. It has also enhanced the work because clients can use the art materials exclusively for our online art therapy sessions.

This pack is now available to purchase by art psychotherapists and therapists using creative approaches in their work.

If you are interested in purchasing a pack go to https://akomahealingharts.com/contact-me/art-therapy-starter-packs/ to order your pack for January 2022.


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