Yet Another Report of Abuses in Mentally Health Services

Shocking but not surprising. This has become my response as we see story after story of abuses in mental health services. These abuses are endemic. We have a system that when people are most vulnerable and in need of care because of trauma we ‘detain’ people. There is nothing humane, caring or compassionate about detention of people in emotional and psychological distress. The whole system needs to be reviewed not just the services that now make the news.

Trieste mental health services provide support and care in community centres that host people who are there as guests. Hospitality is provided through 6 community beds for 72 hours care because most crisis is short term and people recover better in the community. Guests are supported and encouraged to return to work,  employment opportunities are available within social enterprises locally.

Recovery from a crisis is possible by supporting a person in all aspects of life: education, recreation, work, play, housing and most importantly hopes and dreams.

New hospitals are still being built with no new thinking. 

In Manchester we are trying to challenge the services bad practices and create new approaches to provide services and practices that embed human rights as a first principle.

Join us, share your story, let’s campaign together to end these abuses.
#mentalhealth #community #trauma #humanrights #hospitals

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