Treating Trauma and PTSD

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”― Maya Angelou.

I am a specialist trauma therapist providing trauma treatments for PTSD to both adults and children. A traumatic event can overwhelm us, leaving us feeling frightened and unable to make sense of our feelings and thoughts.   

I can help you to find a way to process your experience and reduce the day to day impact of living with trauma.

People who have had a traumatic experience can find themselves:

Re-living the traumatic event through distressing, unwanted memories, vivid nightmares and/or flashbacks.

Avoiding reminders of the traumatic event, including activities, places, people, thoughts or feelings that bring back memories of the trauma.

Negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anger, guilt, or feeling flat or numb a lot of the time.

Feeling wound-up. This might mean having trouble sleeping or concentrating, feeling angry or irritable, taking risks, being easily startled, and/or being constantly on the lookout for danger.

EMDR therapy and Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment (CATT) are recognised treatments that can reduce symptoms and help you to work through the difficulties you are facing.

I am HCPC registered, fully insured, a member of the British Association of Art Therapist (BAAT) a Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP) and a member if the EMDR UK and Ireland Association.


I highly recommend Olatunde, she is an exceptional psychotherapist and has been wholly present with me in a deeply holding and professional manner, I began trauma therapy with her two years ago for adverse childhood experiences …. I am thankful to Olatunde for her expertise and also for her intuitive expertise and absolute focus.  Olatunde weaves together her comprehensive knowledge, passion and awareness into a transformative process and I am very grateful. (EMDR client)
Ola is a thoughtful art psychotherapist who cares deeply about her work Dr Chris Wood, Senior Lecturer at Art Therapy Northern Programme
‘Late last year, we were fortunate enough to work alongside Ms Olatunde Spence for a documentary on mental health and wellbeing in professional sport.  Having previously suffered from depression, our guest was treated with extreme care by Ms Spence. She was supportive in her approach, as well as friendly and sensitive to our guests past and current mental and emotional state“. Liberty Media Productions

Ex- Footballer Vincent Péricard Raising Awareness About Mental Health Issues in Sport

“The art therapy sessions allowed me to rekindle my creative and innovative self which had been suppressed by numerous life issues and experiences.  It provided me with a platform to stop, think and reflect on my journey in life and to reprocess all my worries and concerns to move forward with my life.” Counselling student.


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