When children are distressed and having difficulties with expressing their feelings it can affect their learning, ability to make friends and take advantage of all that school has to offer. Art therapy provides children and young people with an outlet for distressing feelings.

When children have emotionfaces cypal difficulties it can affect their behaviour in many ways. In school it can make it difficult to manage feelings and ‘acting out’ their distress can be disruptive to the learning environment. Children who have emotional difficulties can find it hard to adjust to school and settle into class . Art therapy can assist with a pupil’s psychological, emotional, educational, physical and social development.

Verbal therapy can be difficult for children to access and use. Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It supports children to manage their feelings in a safe space away from the demands of the classroom.

What Is Needed?

  • A self contained private room
  • A sink with running water
  • A lockable storage space
  • Art materials, table and chairs
  • Liaison time with key staff, parents/carers
  • Liaison time with other relevent professionals  
(BAAT Guidelines – Art Therapy in Schools)

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